Annelein of Freiberg: Song #36:

In the Anabaptist hymnal, Song #36 was written by Annelein of Freiberg. Not much is know of Annelein. We do know that like many of her fellow Anabaptists she died as a martyr. It is believed that was only seventeen years old when was arrested, imprisoned, tortured, and executed. The year was 1529. On that year Annelein was drowned and then burned.

This beautiful hymn stands as a testimony to her conviction and as an upward call to all of us who live by faith today. 


Eternal Father in Heaven

I call to you from deep within 

Do not let me turn from you

Hold me in your eternal truth

Until I reach my end


O God, keep my heart and mouth

Watch over me, Lord, always

Do not let me part from you

Whether in anguish, fear or need

Keep me pure in joy


My eternal Lord and father

I am your poor, unworthy child

Teach me and make me know

So that I can observe your ways

That is my truest desire


To walk in your strength in death

Through tribulation, martyrdom, fear and need

Keep me in your strength

That I may never again be separated

From your love, O God


There are many who travel this path

On which stands the cup of suffering

And also much false doctrine

With which they try to turn us away

From Christ our Lord


I lift up my soul to you, Lord

I hope in you in times of danger

Let me not become a disgrace

So that my enemies have the victory

Over me on this earth


They have me here locked up

I wait, O God, from my heart

With great desire

If you would only stir

And save your ones in prison


O God Father, for your kingdom

Makes us like the five wise virgins

Who were alert

In waiting for the bridegroom to come

With his chosen band


Eternal king of heaven

Give us eternal food and drink

Feed us with your truth

Which never spoils

For it is of spiritual nature


If you hold back your food from us

Then all is lost and for nothing

We can accomplish nothing without you

We hope in you through your grace

That we have not been mistaken


I do not doubt the power of God

Truthful is his judgment

He will forsake no one

Who is firm in faith

And remains in truth


Be comforted, you Christians

And always be joyous through Jesus Christ

He gives us love and faith

God comforts through his holy word

And we must trust in it


I bid God and his church

That he be today my guardian

For his name’s sake

My Father, let it be so

Through Jesus Christ, Amen
*Found in The Classics Of Western Spirituality: The Early Anabaptists.