Biblical Study Tour 2016 Prequel: In the Land of the Philistines. Tel Aviv/Jaffa

1 Samuel 17:50-51, “So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him.

David ran and stood over him. He took hold of the Philistine’s sword and drew it from the sheath. After he killed him, he cut off his head with the sword.” (NIV)

In the above picture, I’m looking west over the Great Sea toward Anatolia, Greece, Italy, Spain and eventually to the United States of America. Around 1200 BC a group of Sea People travelled across this sea and settles the costal plain of Canaan. In time they would be known as the Philistines. They were powerful warriors skilled in both iron work and chariot building. They eventually built five cities across the costal plain and ruled this territory of Palestine.
The first stop of the Biblical Study Tour 2016 is Tel Aviv. Specifically, it’s the Leonardo Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv. Over 140 tourist will drag themselves and their luggage into this hotel today in order to get one night’s rest before beginning their tour of the Holy Lands.

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A Scary Book For “All Hallows Eve”


“All Hallows Eve” is the day before All Saints Day. We usually referred to this day as Halloween. During this time of the year, I like to read a scary book…or two…or three. If you are like me and enjoy having your pulse quickened by a scary read, then I invite you to dive into my new novel Our Struggle. You can order the book at ipibooks.

Here is an excerpt from the novel to get you going:

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Autumn: Seeing God’s Glory

My favorite season of the year is autumn. There are many reasons that I love the fall of the year. I was born in autumn. In fact, I was born on the second day of autumn. American football begins in the fall of the year, and I love American football. But the main reason I love autumn is because this is the time of the year when God breaks out his paint and brushes and begins to color the tress with vibrant yellows, oranges, browns, and all shades of various colors. I especially love the bright orange and the brilliant yellows. I love it when the leaves begin to fall from the trees and cascade down to earth dancing and flittering they way from the top of the tree to the ground below. They fall in a shower of glory and they remind me of God’s glory and how God has showered his blessings on me.

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A Herald of the King

The Dome of Rock in Jerusalem

Why do I call this blog “The King Jesus Herald”? Two reasons.

First, the word “preach” comes from the Greek word karuxo. It is often translated as “preach good news.” In the first century, this word was connected with the herald of a king. This herald  proclaimed the pronouncement of the king. When a king won a victory, the herald shared the good news of that victory. Imagine a herald shouting “Hear ye! Hear he! His majesty the King proclaims …” That’s the job of a herald. Through the blog, I want to be a herald of King Jesus and proclaim his good news throughout the world.

Second, I grew up in Columbia, Tennessee. It’s a small town with a small town newspaper. My hometown paper was entitled The Daily Herald. So I’m familiar with the word “herald.” I like the word, so for these two reasons, I’m calling this blog The King Jesus Herald. 

I hope you find the articles in this blog both inspirational and informational. Welcome to The King Jesus Herald.

–Dr. G. Steve Kinnard


My name is Dr. G. Steve Kinnard and welcome to my new blog. Here I will be posting all sorts of inspiring things about God. Please check back periodically, or, better yet, subscribe to this blog and receive emails sent directly to you.